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aomedbill.comHiring a Medical Billing Service is one of the most important decisions an EMS or ambulance service can make regarding the business aspect of medicine. Finding a high quality, reputable firm is vital. Here at Alpha & Omega Medical Billing Services, we know that the financial strength of your practice is directly correlated to timely, efficient billing and account reimbursement. Alpha & Omega Medical Billing is a national company that will provide you with a comprehensive Medical Billing Service.

aomedbill.comOur company's primary objective is to help the provider have a successful practice by removing the inconveniences of billing and excess paperwork in-office, enabling your staff to concentrate on quality personal patient

aomedbill.comOur rates are extremely competitive, our service is impeccable, and we are committed to maximizing your income while simultaneously treating your patients with courtesy and

aomedbill.comOur reputation for honesty and integrity is

aomedbill.comFor further details of our services please view our Services page.            Why Outsource Medical Billing? of paying an in-house employee an hourly wage to bill medical services that aren't getting paid? Because we work on a percentage basis, you are only billed for what you get paid. If you don't make money, we don't make money! Outsourcing is an excellent alternative to in-house billing! Some of the many Benefits Provided of outsourcing your billing needs
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comCertified* ambulance
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comaomedbill.comaomedbill.comNational Academy of Ambulance Caomedbill.comertified
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comNo medical
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comFreeing up your staff’s valuable time to concentrate on patient care and other administrative
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comNo vacation time or benefit
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comRemoval of negativity associated with billing from the office
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comNo sick
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comNo billing staff
  • aomedbill.comaomedbill.comAvoiding expenses to your practice for training, seminars, and other continuing

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